Text-A-Group v1.1.0 now available from the App Store

Text-A-Group v1.1.0 is now available from the App Store. This update adds the following functionality:

  • Tweet or post to Facebook from within the application to unlock additional contact slots!

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded and upgraded the app. Please keep your reviews coming. Thanks!


4 thoughts on “Text-A-Group v1.1.0 now available from the App Store

  1. I purchased it from App Store for 69p.
    Doesn’t send the message. I made a group of 33 people but the message don’t send. if I create a group containing three people then it only sends a message. I have wasted my money and time.

  2. Group text doesn’t work..

    I’ve created a group of 106 ppl, messaged them and the txt appears blank in my messages..

    I’ve even added my contact details as a contact and recieved no txt..

    Before I request my money back can you offer any help or suggestions?


    • Hi Matt,

      Sorry to hear you are having issues.

      Which version of the application are you using?

      Which iPhone do you have and what iOS version are you running?

      Have you tried with smaller groups? i.e. 40-50?

      How big is the text message you are sending (over 140 characters?)?

      If you can answer the above, I’ll look into it further for you.



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