Text-A-Group v2.0.0 now available from the App Store

Text-A-Group v2.0.0 is now available from the App Store. This update brings a whole new iOS 7 look and feel to the application. A new search feature has also been added for those of you will many different groups. Screenshots below.

mzl.sdbdrgln mzl.vfyilqaj



2 thoughts on “Text-A-Group v2.0.0 now available from the App Store

  1. Have purchased the app text-a-group for iPhone and while I have purchased the upgrade in order to have the premium version the app doesn’t appear to get updated resulting in my purchase to be pointless. Can you help.

    • Sorry to hear that. If the purchase was successful then the upgrade button in the help screen will not be visible. If the app is still on a lite mode then you can use the restore purchase button to activate your purchase. If you do try to re-purchase the app, and have successfully purchase previously, Apple will not charge you again. The app will notify you that you have already purchased the upgrade. Please also try closing the application down and opening again. Hope this helps and thank you for upgrading.

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