MiLists v1.1.2 is now available from the Apple App Store

MiLists v1.1.2 has the following updates and fixes:

  • Free version list limited to 5 items (it’s only 69p to make it unlimited!).
  • Finally fixed issue with iAd banner.

Please update to the latest version and apologies for any inconvenience.


MiLists v1.1.0 is now available from the Apple App Store

MiLists v1.1.0 has the following updates and fixes:

  • Added the ability to clear a list from a button instead of having to delete each item separately (List owner only).
  • Fixed bug where multiple instances of the same list appear as duplicates.
  • Updated account wording to detail data privacy information.

Please update to the latest version and in you haven’t purchased the upgrade then do so now for the new lower price!

New MiLists v1.0.0 submitted to Apple for review

Are you fed up with forgetting to write down items needed in the weekly shop on the scrap of paper being used for this weeks shopping? Well worry no more!!

With MiLists you can have a shared list with as many people as you want! You can then add your items to the list and the list creator will get a notification that you have done so!

MiLists isn’t limited to shopping lists either! You can use it to pack your suitcase for your holidays, or keeping track of anything you like.

MiLists has the following features:

  • Add users (via e-mail address) with or with out delete permissions to your lists.
  • Data is stored in the cloud so no need to synchronise data.
  • Ability to “check” things off your list and see the completion progress.

Upgrade to the paid version within the app and get the following:

  • Have an unlimited number of lists (free version limited to 1 list).
  • No ads.

MiTime & MiTime Free v1.0.4 submitted to Apple for review

MiTime and MiTime Free v1.0.4 have been submitted to Apple for review due to the identification of several issues on iOS 5.0. The following issues have been fixed:

  • Fixed bug with adding tracking events manually.
  • Fixed bug where the duration and costs aren’t calculated correctly.
  • Fixed bug with deletion of a charges.
  • Fixed bug with update of pricing when charges removed.

These issues will be resolved once the update is approved and you have updated your version of MiTime.

You will not lose any data when you upgrade. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Please be aware that the Apple review team are out for a week as of Thursday 22nd December for the Christmas Holidays.