Drive Mounty V1.0.1 – Mac OS X app is now available from the Mac App Store

Drive Mounty v1.0.1 is now available from the Mac App Store. This update adds or fixes the following things:

  • Performance enhancements!
  • Fixed issue where UI became unresponsive when attempting to remount a drive!
  • Fixed issue where a remount might not occur in rare cases.


133 thoughts on “Drive Mounty V1.0.1 – Mac OS X app is now available from the Mac App Store

    • Hi There. Sorry you’re having issues. You should only need to restore the purchase if you re-install the application. This uses Apple’s Mac Store logic so should work fine, it’s worked ok for me. This could be caused by a lack of network connection or if you’ve received a refund of your purchase.

    • I’m having the same issue. Trying to restore my purchase and it just sits on Contacting App Store. I have tried serval times over a few days, always with the same result.

      • Hi there. Sorry you’re having issues. This is using the Apple App Store purchase process which I’ve just tested and is working fine for me. The only time this should be necessary is if you’ve reinstalled. Failing this, please try the purchase upgrade option as this will not charge you again if you have a valid purchase still active (ie you haven’t received a refund). Thx.

      • Thanks Garry, I followed your suggestion to ‘re-purchase’ the pro upgrade as the restore purchase option wasn’t working. The App Store detected that I had already purchased it and activated the pro version without additional charge. The app still got stuck with the ‘wait’ animation (so there may be some bugs for you to look into), but after I force quit the app and restarted it, the pro version was properly activated. The app is working well — any chance of getting a monochrome title bar icon option to suit the newer macOS design aesthetic?

    • Hi. I too have just purchased the “Pro” version and the app simply refuses to register the licence. When I try to re-purchase and Restore, the app just sits wit the spinner screen forever. I’ve force-quit and re-installed but despite it being purchased I cannot register and am stuck with the free version. 😦

      • Hi there. Sorry you’re having an issue. Can you try what I’ve suggested to others pls and try to re-purchase the app. The app uses Apple’s in-app purchase mechanism and won’t permit you to pay twice for the app. It could be that there’s an issue with the restore side of things on Apple’s side.

      • Tried that. Many times. All that happens is you hit the same “Buying Drive Mounty Pro Version…” screen. You can quit the app this way and restart it but its the same every time. What’s worse is if you select About > Restore Purchases you just get “Contacting App Store..” and you cannot quit the app. You have to go into Activity Monitor and Force Quit.

      • Ok so I’ve just tried to restore the purchase after deleting and re-downloading the app onto my Mac and it worked ok. Not sure why it’s not working on yours. Do you have any firewall / AV software blocking outbound connections?

      • Hi. No, nothing to stop connections to the AppStore. Bought plenty recently. Will contact apple for a refund if I’m going to be stuck with the free version.

  1. Hi! I use Drive Mounty V.1.0.2 Pro and some weeks ago it started to make some troubles (MacOS 10.13.2). Despite of my NAS is available after waking up of the Macbook from hibernation (no restart) and I can access the volumes through the finder, Drive Mounty can not connect the volumes. The status is always “Disconnected – reconnecting”. Also in the “News central”, the program starts sending push notifications from time to time. The Mac shows the external volumes as connected, but the program not. After a restart of the Mac, the program starts properly and mounts all of my volumes correctly.
    Best regards

    • Hi there. Sorry to hear that. It sounds like it could be an issue related to the status of the drive when the MacBook is woken up and macOS and Drive amounts are trying to mount the drive. I’ll see if I can simulate this and push out a fix.

  2. Hi there, I am having troubles with Drive Mounty Pro, the volumes show as “Connected” but I dont see them anywhere so I cannot access them.
    Thanks for your support

    • Hi Fernando – sorry to hear this. Can you tell me if you’ve upgraded to the full version (continuous monitoring) or not? If not then this could be that a remount has occurred once (which is the limit of the free version). I’m literally just fixing a bug where this isn’t reflected on the interface.

  3. Hi developers, I have a trouble with Drive Mounty Pro, If I am on other network (without access to drives) drive mounty still trying to connect the drives but uses to many system resources (about 30-50%) So I have to set up only 5 attempts to reconnect and after I arrive to my home network with drives I have to connect the drives manually. Can You look at this problem? Thank you very much 🙂

    • Hi there. Sorry to hear this. Currently there’s no way to resolve this other than for you to quit the application when it’s not needed. Even with a reduction of the resources used, you probably don’t want it triggering all day in the background. Do you have a suggestion for a fix based on your use case? Thx.

      • I have an idea, what about the first 5 attempts would be quick as it and after that trying to reconnect each minute or 2 minute not every second, It may cause system usage to minimum and after we connect to home network it will automatically connect the drives within few minutes. Or you can add a simple check box into a preferences to apply this function if you don’t want to apply to all users. It will be much useful. What do you think?

      • Ok so currently it checks every 30 seconds. I’ll take a look at why it could be taking up so much resource when it retries. As for your particular use case (which I’m sure isn’t just for you), I’ll have a think and look to implement something – maybe a schedule or something or an easy way to disable the monitoring.

      • Hi Jakub, I’ve now implemented an option on the helper app menu to disable monitoring to address your use case. I’ve also adjusted the way in which the app uses memory to check for the device (in case it’s not available). I’ve just submitted v1.0.4 to Apple for review. Please download it once available and let me know how you get on.

  4. I had an issue where Drive Mounty would show multiple icons / drives for the same drive on the desktop. Sometime i would have 30+ icons on my desktop for 6 different drives. This was supposed to have been fixed in the most recent update, however I followed your instructions (remove all drive mappings, upgrade, then manually add drive mapings again) however this has not resolved the issue.

    Can you please assist?

    • Hi Imran. Sorry to hear this. I’m having issues replicating the issue in my machines and had hoped that the new method of checking if the mounted drive already existed would fix this issue. I’ll see if I can simulate this issue to implement a permanent fix. Please bear with me!

    • Hi Imran, I’ve now tracked down the issue (by simulating your problem) and am fairly confident that I’ve have fixed it. I’ve just submitted v1.0.4 to Apple for review. Please download it once available and let me know how you get on.

  5. Hi Garry,
    I am on version 1.0.4 (Pro). I have noticed that over a few days all monitored shares double/triple/quadruple in /Volumes
    Can you advise please?

    • Hi Balazs, sorry to hear this. I fixed this issue in v1.0.4. This could be left over from the bug in previous versions. I would suggest that you remove all monitored volumes from the app. Disconnect all shares and reboot your Mac. Once you’ve got the volumes connected again after the reboot, set them up for monitoring again. That should resolve the issue.

      • Hi Garry, I have followed your guidance above but after a few days the issue comes back. Do you have any suggestions or is there anything I can do to help to get to the bottom of it?

      • Hi Balazs, it’s an odd one as I’ve not seen this on my machine and it’s been running for weeks without a reboot. Can you tell me a little bit about your set up, the device types being monitored and anything about your use case. Such as used to monitor a NAS volume connected to a Mac which is frequently powered on/off or is mobile. Thx.

  6. Hi Garry, DriveMounty is run a MacBook Air, which is connecting to the local network by wifi and is closed down and/or goes to sleep a couple of times a day. DriveMounty is monitoring 3 samba shares, all on the same Ubuntu box that is on 24/7 and has a wired connection to the network. I hope this helps.

    • One other thing I have noticed. The monitored share changes to a new copy on occasion. For example I set Drivemounty to monitor /Volumes/music but a few days later it is showing to be monitoring /Volumes/music-1

      • Hi Balazs, so the appending of the -1 to the volume name would suggest that it’s tried to mount to the original music volume and can’t as it exists so has appended the 1. The question is, did it disappear and get mounted twice or did it not disappear in the first place. If you simulate a disconnect (eject a drive) when all is in a good state (right volumes monitored and not duplicate mounts) does that 1 volume get mounted correctly? Please repeat it several times. I’m wondering if the disconnect caused by powering down is the route cause. In my set up, my Mac mini doesn’t get disconnected frequently – only a scheduled power down overnight. Any thoughts?

  7. Hi Gary. I have the pro version and experiencing two possibly related issues: 1) CPU hog. It is killing my battery life. and 2) like Balazs I see it appending different -1 or -2 to the volume path

    • Hi Chris, sorry to hear this. Which version do you have? Can you tell me a bit about your set up? How many volumes are you monitoring? What CPU usage do you see? When does the CPU usage spike? I can’t replicate these issues on either my Mac mini or MacBook Pro so any details you can offer would be great.

      • Hi Garry

        I am monioring only one volume. CPU usage seems to hit about 40%+ and stay there. I cannot tell for definite when this occurs but it seemed to coincide with Mounty constantly telling me the drive was not mounted even though it was.

        MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015), 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB 1867 MHz DDR3, Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB.

        MacOS 10.13.4, Mounty 1.0.4 (Pro)

      • Ok so sounds like it’s picking up some kind of disconnect of a device. The app monitors for removable storage devices being unmounted. When this happens it checks to see if the unmounted device was one you’re monitoring. With your set up does it coincide with any device being removed from your system?

  8. Hi Gary,
    Duplicates never disappear, so I can have eg. 8 mount points in /Volumes all pointing to the same samba share.
    I have simulated a disconnect by ejecting the monitored shares and they have reconnected successfully without duplication all 26 times. I think your suspition is correct that the duplication is a result of the power down. I could imagine that under specific circumstances the mount point is not removed as the computer goes to sleep and is unavailable for DriveMounty the next time (permissions?),so it creates a new one with -1, -2 etc suffix.
    Do you have a version of the app that can produce logs? I’d be happy to assist.

      • Hi Balazs, only a small amount but I still can’t replicate the issue. For now I would suggest closing the app when away from home and opening when back. Sorry.

      • Hi Balazs, sorry for the delay. Ive pushed out v1.0.5 to the App Store which went live overnight. I’ve added some new functionality for a “home” network and sleep and wake as well as updates to the remount engine which I’m hoping will address your issues. Please try it out and let me know. Thx.

      • Hi Garry, Just wanted to report back. I have been on v1.0.6 since it came out. Touching wood whilst I am typing: I have not experienced any issue with either duplication in \Volumes or high cpu use.

  9. Hi Garry

    Having constant problems with your app. It just doesn’t work when bringing my Mac back from sleep. If I restart the computer, drives are reconnected but if I just put it to sleep, Drive Mounty is just constantly reconnecting and nothing happens. Please advise. (I have a paid version…)

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Saso,

      So this is not something I’ve send myself (my Mac sleeps every night from 12-6). Have you tried disabling the app before putting it to sleep (as a test). What version are you running?

      • Hi Garry

        I’ll try disabling the app before sleep and get back to you but even if that helps it’s a hassle. You have to remember to do that before each sleep which means it’s not automatic anymore, if you know what I mean. The version is 1.0.4 (Pro) Build: 201804172130. Thanks for quick replay.

        Kind regards,

      • MacBook Pro, 3 months old, with the latest Mac OS, v.10.13.5. Mounted drive is from our company’s Windows server(Windows share), smb://netica_server. I tried the disabling the monitoring, then changing the WiFi network to some other(with no access to above mentioned share), putting Mac to sleep, bringing it back from sleep, reenabling the Mounty and that seemed to solve the problem. So I guess, all you need to do is code in automatic “disable before sleep/reenable on wake-up” event. 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion!

    • Also, are the drives still available when you wake your Mac? How long is the Mac sleeping for? Does it differ if it’s a quick sleep vs a long sleep (several hours)? Does it happen every time? If so for the short or long sleep or both? Thx.

      • This was a short sleep test – half a minute. The long one I’ll do today, when I go home and I’ll get back to you on Monday. 🙂 And yes, the problem appeared every time. What do you mean by “are the drives available”? The network share is available every time I connect to my office network, but no, the drives aren’t shown in the Volumes folder until they are reconnected.

      • Hi Sasol, so I’ve added some logic to set a “home” network and added the sleep and wake detection. I’ve also modified the way in which the app reconnects the device as I spotted an issue there too. This is all in v1.0.5 which went live in the App Store overnight. Let me know. Thx.

      • Hi Garry

        I’m still having the same problems. Network drives don’t reconnect after computer wakes up from sleep, no matter what I do. Setting home network makes no difference. The app just “sits” on Disconnected – reconnecting and nothing happens. I’m trying to update the app from AppStore, but Update button doesn’t work. I have version 201807012033. Can you please help.

        Best regards,

      • Hi Saso, what version of the app is this 1.0.6? What version of macOS are you using? Are you using the disable on sleep feature and home network feature?

      • Version 1.0.6. I have just uninstalled it and installed the latest from MacAppStore. I have macOS High Sierra Version 10.13.6. Home Network is enabled and the IP is correct. I can’t see the feature “Disable on sleep” that you are mentioning…. Where can I find this? Not in preferences….

      • My apologies- I added that feature as an automatic thing. No config required. So when it wakes, it can reconnect? Is the activity spinner shown when it says reconnecting? Can I ask you to remove and re-add the drive as there were some changes made to the way it monitors the drives recently. Thx

      • Hello Garry, as I mentioned earlier the app cannot reconnect to CIFS mount automatically. It understands that it is not mounted, but cannot reconnect.
        As I mentioned I removed the app and settings, re-download the app and reconfigure it, without any result

      • When I mentioned CIFS, I meant SMB and not SSH or AFP… So same thing.
        I use MacBook and using sleep also… Do you thing the sleep is the cause of the issue ?
        Have you tried to check if the app is correctly trying to mount the SMB mount, after waking up the MacBook ?

      • Ah ok. I think the sleep is the issue, but then my Mac mini sleeps each night and when it wakes up at 6, the drives are reconnected no problem so I’m stuck as to why it differs on a MacBook.

      • Hi Garry

        The activity spinner is not shown and the drive doesn’t reconnect. Network share is SMB. I also removed the network drive yesterday and re-added it again and this morning situation is the same. Just stuck on reconnecting….

      • Ok so it’s realised that the drive isn’t connected but isn’t attempting the reconnect then. I’ll see what I can do, maybe add logging as I can’t replicate.

      • Hi Garry. I think I might have found one problem why DriveMounty isn’t reconnecting the drives after I return to my company in the morning(after a “long-sleep”). The problem is that DriveMounty is checking the “home network” on wrong device. It takes the VPN’s IP address instead of the local(Wi-Fi) one. And that happens even if I don’t connect to the VPN, like this morning. I wasn’t connected to the VPN since Monday and DriveMounty somehow still thought that my IP was the one from VPN and because of that thought that I’m not on my home network – that was the reason for not reconnecting. I was on my home network and the Wi-Fi’s IP was the local one – so some kind of IP refresh is maybe missing after returning from sleep… I thing that similar problem might happen when using Parallels Software and shared network adapter with my Win10 virtual machine…

        Have a great day and thank you for your commitment to this problem.

        Kind regards,Saso

        From: Garry Whitten’s Blog
        Reply-To: Garry Whitten’s Blog
        Date: Thursday, 20 September 2018 at 09:12
        To: Saso Lipic
        Subject: [New comment] Drive Mounty V1.0.1 – Mac OS X app is now available from the Mac App Store

        garrywhitten commented: “Hi Saso, I’m still working on logging and for Mojave’s release so I can release both at the same time. Apologies!”

      • Hi Saso, hope you are well. This was really helpful thx. I’ve been able to simulate the issue and replicate the problem. Hopefully now fixed. I’m just pushing up a new build to the App Store for review. 1.1.0. Please keep an eye out for it once approved and let me know how it goes. Thx again for the patience!

      • No problem Garry! Glad to help! I’ll be checking the app store, thx! Have a great weekend!

        Kind regards,

  10. Hi Garry!

    Thanks for the great app. Could you please consider making the new ‘home network’ functionality optional? It keeps saying my network is on a prefixed address which is impossible (I’m on a 10.0 prefix). I’d much rather the app not care about what network I’m on so I’d like to just opt out of that check.


    • Hi Ross, Hmmm ok. Not sure what IP address it’s picking up. I’ll take a look at this although I can guarantee how quickly. BTW, if your home network is detected in that way then it should work there but I understand where you’re coming from.

      • Thanks! And yeah, it’s working, but you see where I’m coming from… (what if it changes, etc…). Let me know if you need anything that may assist. Also, I think this coincided with the update to 1.0.5 – it was detecting a 10.0 address at some point and I haven’t changed any of my network config settings.

        Thanks again. 🙂

      • Hi Ross, this new feature was added in v1.0.5. I’ve just submitted a new version (V1.0.6) to Apple which has this new feature added.

  11. Hello,

    After last upgrade, the app is not auto mounting SMB was connection.
    It recognises that the mount is missing and trying to connect, without any result.

    I use the version 1.0.6 Pro and have enabled the home network mode

    Thank you

      • Hello, I deleted the app, restored the application from Apple Store and the same thing. I understands that is not mounted (it tries to mount) but not successfully, until I manual mount the NAS

      • Hi Vassilis, please can you remove the monitored drives from the app and re-add them. Please ensure you’ve stored your password (and not changed it) for the NAS. Thx.

      • I did clear all credentials from keychain, added the NAS SMB Sharing again and chosen to remember password. I removed the monitor drive from the app and restarted the Mac. When I umount the drive, the App understands that the drive is unmounted and saying trying to mount… But nothing else is happening. When I manually mount the Drive, the app says that it was mounted. I don’t entered my SMB credentials, as I chosen to save them inside keychain

  12. I use the MacOS App Store version and before 2 versions (Before introducing the “Home Network Mode” it was working great

    • I have the same problems. Despite I disabled the home network function and selected a value of 2 for the attempts to reconnect, the app is trying all the time to connect. Within this trials the Macbook turns hot and increases the fan speed. The app in the status bar is no longer available (the rainbow colored circle appears) for some minutes. Finally I need to restart the app and the connections are done until the next wake up from hibernation mode….

      • Hmm interesting. And this is using the latest version? These features were brought in to fix similar problems reported by other users and they reported that all was now ok. Is this the trial edition?

  13. Hello, I was wondering if your app really needs to run on Mac OS 10.10 or higher? I’m running a server which is running 10.7.5 (Lion) which is all it can run since it’s an older MacPro (2,1). Are you using features which need 10.10 or is there a way to make a version which will run on an older Mac?

  14. Hi Garry,
    I just installed Drive Mounty (App Store Version 1.1.0, MacBook Pro, OS 10.14.1) and did the in app purchase of the pro version. The purchase has been confirmed by Apple, but the app gets stuck within the upgrade process. “Restore purchase” also does not work. Any known issues here? Thank you, Patrick

    • Hi Patrick, the app uses Apple’s in-app purchase capabilities so only if its having some issues. If you can’t get it to work then Apple can issue refunds for your purchases, I’m unable to do so via the App Store. Also you can try deleting and reinstalling the app as you won’t be charged a second time for buying the app.

  15. Hi Garry,

    I’m having the same problem as the above user. I have purchased the pro version but the app gets stuck at the “Buying Drive Mounty Pro Version”, if I reopen the app it confirms that I have the pro version and attempts to restore the purchase but gets stuck again and will never complete the upgrade to pro

    • Hi Barry, sorry to hear you’re having issues. The app is using the Apple in-app purchase capabilities so it’s hard for me to be able to debug this. You can try a couple of things here. Delete the app and reinstall. Then either try to restore the purchase or buy it again. If your purchase was successful originally, you will not be charged again. Please note that the app uses the in-app receipt capabilities. This mean it will continually check if your purchase is valid before unlocking the pro features so it sounds like the purchase didn’t complete. Let me know how you get on.

  16. Hey I have DriveMounty 1.1.0 Pro and it won’t mount my Nas automatically (Status: Disconnected – reconnecting). I’ve tried local mode on/off, using cifs/afp versions of the same share, removing and re-adding the network drive, removing and reinstalling Drive Mounty, shares with/without passwords required, clearing keychains for that share… Is there anything else I can try? I’m on High Sierra.

    • Hi Andrew. Sorry to hear this. I would remove the share from monitoring and then delete it from Mac OS. Create a new share and then add that to the app to be monitored. If the password has changed for you account, be sure to update the keychain password when you create the share. I know you’ve tried these things but the sequence is important. Let me know how you get on.

      • thanks for your help. I followed your steps but didn’t have any luck. Maybe you can see what I’m doing wrong:
        Removed the share from Mounty, ejected the share from Finder, uninstalled then reinstalled Mounty, connected to the share in Finder with guest account, put my new network drive in Mounty for it to be monitored (it says Connected).

        Then I reboot my NAS. This drops the share as expected, and Mounty notifies me that the share is dropped and it trying to reconnect. The NAS boots up again after a minute but Mounty never finds it. I’ve waited 15 minutes but Mounty still can’t reconnect. I give up and just opened the share in the Finder successfully.

        The share is called ‘media’ and is found on a network server called ‘nas’. When I add to Mounty it shows as /Volumes/media which seems fine to me?

      • Ok. That’s odd. I have a similar set up that I test on. Do you have a timeout set? The fact it’s detecting the disconnect means the monitoring is working so I’m not sure why the reconnection isn’t triggering.

      • Max number of attempts to reconnect: 0
        Current home network: 11.1
        (my whole network is on 11.1.1.x)
        Home Network Mode is enabled, but I’ve tried off as well. One time toggling this off/on made it work, but I’ve been unable to reproduce this 😦

      • Can you try a manual disconnect of the mount when drive mounty is monitoring and showing it as connected pls? Just want to make sure that it’s reconnecting in a “perfect” scenario. I’m wondering if the reconnect is timing out due to NAS reboot time?

      • Thanks again for your help. No luck still.

        I started fresh with no drives being monitored. I mounted the share in MacOS, then added the share to DriveMounty, Status: connected.

        Then I physically unplugged the NAS from the local network. After a while MacOS detected the drive was missing and disconnected it. DriveMounty changed status to Disconnected – reconnecting (no spinner).

        I reconnect the drive to the network (plug the ethernet back in). I wait 5 minutes but nothing changes. I go to MacOS Finder and open the network share no problems. At that point DriveMounty starts showing the spinner in the bottom right of the window, but still status: Disconnected – reconnecting.

        Is there a log file I can read? Is it a problem that my nas has the same name in CIFS and AFP?

      • Hi Andrew, can you try the same again but instead of removing the drive from the network, hit the eject icon in finder for the share being monitored pls. This will definitely trigger the unmount and I want to see what happens then. You may be able to see the logging on the console, I can’t remember if it’s enabled or disabled by default.

      • Thanks for that. Very useful! It’s odd that the spinner starts when you mount the drive but yet it’s still not detected by the app. I’ve never seen this issue before. I’ll build a version with more logging in to help. And it’s the same issue with home network mode disabled? Could you try a USB device (can’t remember if that’s enabled or not from memory)? You mentioned that the share wasn’t SMB I think too, have you tried with an SMB share? Do you have your username and password for it stored in the keychain?

  17. Hi Garry

    One quick question. DriveMounty seems to hog memory like crazy. I’ve been watching for a past few days and it just “sits” on 1.33 GB… When I start it, it goes over 2GB. Do you have any idea/suggestion maybe?

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Saso,

      I’ve not seen this issue when it runs on my Mac. I wonder whether it’s “hunting” to mount a device. Could I ask you to stop monitoring, remove the devices, close the app, reopen and add devices for monitoring again. On idle, the app is only waiting for a notification of a disconnect so it’s not actively looking for anything.


  18. SMB drive not auto-mounting on 10.15 Catalina.
    It detects the drive missing but then sits forever at “Disconnected – reconnecting”

    Weird behaviour, as I tested the app to make sure it worked before I purchased. after purchasing the drive never auto mounts.

    If you can get this ironed out, a feature request please, optional white icon for tray, all of my other apps have white icons, thanks!

    • Hi Nick. Sorry but I don’t have a Catalina machine right now, and won’t probably for a while. Maybe something has changed that will require and update. Will take a look. It might need you to remove the drive from monitoring and then close the app. Reopen and add again and see how you get on. White icon noted 😉

  19. Hi Garry,

    I’ve purchased your utility because I needed more drives than one (one was only possible in the free version). But the utility is not working. I have the same connection-reconnecting message as most of the people here. What I’ve done is restart the utility, remove the utility and use other drive locations. Here you have some information about the MacBook it’s running on:

    Macbook pro Mid 2010
    Osx Sierra 10.12.6

    I would like to hear back from you.

    • Hi Emil, sorry to hear that and thx for purchasing. Was all working ok with the lite version and 1 drive? At what point do you get the reconnecting message? Have you tried the following:

      Pause the monitoring
      Remove all drives from being monitored.
      Enable monitoring again.
      Add all drives to the system
      Add the required drives to Drive Mounty.
      Enable home network mode by specifying your IP address base.

      Let me know how you get on. Thx.

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